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Welcome to THR-5

Meet Our Founder


Serial Entreprenuer, Meme, Mom, Dog Lover and Nature Enthusiast... Tina Saunders is here to mentor and enable the THR-5 Founding Members and Newbies alike!


Our founder not only has almost 30 years of leading successful technology, ecommerce and marketing teams, she has also built and sold two start-ups, and is still active in several business ventures.


Tina's leadership has spanned marketing, sales, strategy, operational excellence and the customer journey. She is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs around the Northwest Ohio / Southeast Michigan area succeed and THR-5 (thrive).

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Our Hyper Niche Focus

As an emerging female executive peer group, at THR-5, we utilize each other just as we would our leadership team at a a Fortune 1000 company or our Mom & Aunts when navigating parenthood. With the ability to harness the brilliance of other female small business owners in our very own community, we all gain invaluable access to not only referrals and barter opportunities, but also to a close knit group of masterminds. Each of us bring our own perspective, our own areas of expertise and our own goals, but together we grow faster and stronger.

We are here for reinforcements, support and, heck yeah, probably a few cocktails.


Let's THR-5!

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