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It's Women's History Month... Let's THR-5!

You have your idea, your talent, and your grit... but do you have the support and business acumen you need to make your fledgling or even established small business all that it can be? Do you have the network and experience of YOUR TRIBE to collaborate with and to hold you accountable? Well now, if you want it, it is within your grasp! And what better time than Women's History Month is there to kick off your new venture?

As a serial entrepreneur, I can tell you that this has really been my biggest challenge. There are smart people, there are connected people, and there are super nice people who truly want to mentor and help, but at the end of the day they all have their day jobs too.

However, in business, there is real power in alliances.

I truly believe that a circle of trusted and non-competing small business owners like myself can band together to empower each other. If you want personal success and a balanced lifestyle, to meet goals, and to have a small community to celebrate your wins, welcome to THR-5. We are a local network of like-minded women, helping each other, well, THRIVE.

With 30 years of marketing, tech, strategy, start-up and healthcare administration experience, I have tried a few industries and venues. I've been at the (almost) top of the corporate ladder, eventually achieved my MBA, developed and sold software applications, and realized at my latest career pivot... I don't want the stifling smell of an office with windows that don't open. I don't want to find a way to make this my bosses or the loudest sales person's idea. I just want to have a challenge, and I want to help other small businesses in my community succeed. And yeah, to be honest, I also want to travel to Greece and Mali someday (like, at least one of them within the next 18 months.)

My vision. Create a community of female, local business owners, each with their own craft, company, or just idea. And we work together to become successful. How? We grow from each other's experience and support. We become each others peer group. Eventually (not this month sisters) we share resources like a CRM, ecommerce platform, and maybe even billing software. We recommend each other to our friends and family when mutual needs align. And of course we buy from each other when that makes sense for all parties.

Who’s ready to THR-5?

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